Thursday, May 18, 2017

LA Podcast 209: Jeremy Kyle and his Degenerate Associates Spouting Endless Platitudes and Statements of the Obvious

The most trusted name in local news: Local Anaesthetic is a podcast exploring strange and funny local stories from across the UK (and occasionally the world...) including listener submitted contributions.

Listeners can submit stories via FacebookTwitter or e-mail:

Stories this week include:

  • Bistro leaves unpleasant taste in mouth following ill-conceived joke.  
  • Man struggles to let go of dead brother. Literally.  
  • Cheating husband admits to morning Pernod.  
  • Irrelevant rapper organises immersive Lord of the Flies experience.

Also revealed: Rob encounters the mythical porn fairy...

Play episode (to download, right click and choose 'save link as'), or download from iTunes.

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